Can I gift a subscription box to a friend?

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Can I gift a subscription box to a friend?

Yes, you can!

You’ll just need to make sure you select ‘As a Gift’ and then choose the length of plan you'd like to gift. We don’t offer single-month gifting, so you can choose between 3, 6 and 12 month gifting options. Once you’ve made your selection, just remember to add the recipient's address for the shipping destination! Gift subscriptions do not auto-renew.

Boxes are sent directly to the address provided on the account, so please make sure the information you input is correct when you place the order. If you prefer, you can have the first box delivered to your address, so you can give it to your friend yourself. However, if you then wish for the remaining boxes to be delivered directly to the giftee, you will need to update the delivery address via your account before the first of the month and prior to the next box being prepared for dispatch.

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