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The No.1 stationery subscription.

We work tirelessly to design exclusive premium products for our subscribers, collaborating with a different artist each month to create something awesome!


Letterbox Stationery

"I first gave my daughter a Papergang subscription when she was in hospital, to cheer her up. It worked so well that several years later we are still subscribing. Their stuff is beautiful, affordable and thoughtful. We look forward to her subscription box every month."


"I love this box - it never disappoints and is great value for money. I also love that trees are planted for every no. of boxes sold."


"I enjoy the content in the boxes each month. Quirky, interesting, colourful and never boring. I always look forward to what I'm going to get and I love that I get introduced to artists that I might not of heard of before."


"The box is so lovely, every designer has put so much effort into the products! The notebooks, pens, planners etc are so lovely and you wouldn't find these on the high street and would be very expensive out of the subscription!

They make lovely presents for friends and family!

10 stars!"




We Create

Each month we collaborate with an artist, creating exclusive stationery for our subscribers.

We Deliver

Our team lovingly pack each box which is then delivered straight through your door.

You Discover

You stay organised with a selection of beautifully designed stationery.

We Plant Trees

We plant a tree for every 4 boxes sold. (So far we’ve planted over 100,000).

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"I look forward to my papergang box every month"



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